Seeing North Sea Nozzle’s functionality

Using different arrangement and cross-sections of the nozzles in the nozzle module 1, the camera and nozzle module 1 is pressed against the pipe wall (undefined).

The engine rotary module 2 supports itself on the flushing hose and rotates (motor driven) the connection hose and the camera and nozzle module 1 of the Seeing North Sea Nozzle along the tube wall.

Motor rotating unit and camera module nozzles are fitted with special joints to turn in branch pipes within seconds.

Outside of the sewer is the servo-controlled cable reel (B).

User interface with screen and computer (A)

The operator of the flushing vehicle controls the rebound speed – which is not limited – of the flushing hose. The uniform and parallel pull of the cable from the cable reel is fully automatic.

The system is mainly controlled by the remote control. There is an additional feature for the steering of the Seeing North Sea Nozzle. Functions, such as entering the posture names and dimming of LED lighting are carried out at the user interface. Each flushing vehicle can be equipped with the Seeing North Sea Nozzle.

User TFT, daylight suitable

Cable reel

Nozzle module

Rotary unit with motor